Big screen, low hassle

They say that most people don't see the point of a second monitor, but if you give someone one (oo-er) for a week and then try to take it away, they'll fight you to keep it. The extra space a second monitor brings is a boon for all sorts of work, and these days any computer should be powerful enough to run one. If you've got a laptop, it's as simple as plugging a monitor into the port on the side - as seen in Mark Zuckerberg's late-night coding sessions in The Social Network. But if you've got a desktop PC, the only monitor slot is usually taken. To get another one you've got to buy a fiddly video card upgrade.

Until now. For recently we've seen the introduction of decent USB monitors - which take the video signal not through a normal monitor port, but through USB. With these, you can add an extra monitor - or several! - to your PC without any fiddling about.

And this 15.6-inch widescreen monitor from Green House is the best we've seen yet. It's a good size for an additional monitor, but most impressively, it runs totally off USB: not only does it get the video from the USB slot, but its power too. That's right, no extra cable and no spare plug socket required. It's perfect for travelling, if perhaps you'd like to watch films stored on your laptop on a decent-size screen on holiday.

We're thinking about getting a few of these on our computer and imagining we're in the multi-screened lair of a supervillain. Bwah hah hah!

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