Big poppa is watching you

Earlier this week, we told you about some of the cool products coming out as car manufacturers pack more and more computer wizardry into their products. Well, surprise surprise, it turns out there's a downside.

You see, while technology can enable us to do all sorts of cool things, computers can't make a car go faster. But they can make a car go slower. Ford's updated MyKey system enables parents to use a Ford Taurus or Focus' computer to limit the car's speed when their children are driving - it can be set as low as 65mph. What's more, the system can also block access to some of the more 'adult' satellite radio stations the car's systems can access.

Now, we know that parents want to protect their kids 'n' all, but this sort of thing just sends a shiver down our spine. Still, it's not all bad. New Fords can alsoreceive information about routes and traffic from iPhones and Android phones with the new Sync Destinations app. So, well, there's that.

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