Big news! Slashing your price is good for your sales

There are lots of way to get attention for a product that's failing to capture the public's imagination. You can try to launch a high-profile, eye-catching marketing campaign. You can get a celebrity to endorse you. You can fiddle with the product, releasing a new version that's more attractive. But the most effective way is also the simplest: cut the bloody price.

It sure seems to have worked for Nintendo. Their 3DS, the sequel to the popular DS portable console, got off to a slow start when it was released earlier this year, prompting the company to issue an unprecedented third-off price cut a couple of months after launch. (Price cuts on that scale aren't unusual for Nintendo - older readers will remember the N64's shock cut to £99 - but they normally don't happen till the console's been on sale for at least a year.)

And it seems to have worked. The sales of the 3DS in the USA are up a whopping 270% since the price cut, Nintendo has revealed. And that's before the release of a slew of nifty new games, like Mario 3D and Mario Kart 7.

Have you snapped up a 3DS since the price was snipped? Are you thinking about it?

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