Big Meany

One of the great things about people who try and charge us smarty-pants for content on the internet is that Google is your friend. If a paper is trying to get people to pay for its articles, you can search through them and get the whole thing for free. Result. However, that’s about to change, after media mogul Rupert Murdoch got in Google’s faces about people getting around his nefarious scheme to make us pay for stuff that costs money to produce. Boooo.

Google is going to allow publishers to set a limit on the number of free news articles that people can read through Google, after media companies claimed that Google was profiting from services provided by newspapers, and contributing nothing for it. The First Click Free function always allowed users to read any subscription-only content as long as they read it through the search engine, but now after five freeby clicks at any one publisher’s sites, users may be sent to pages asking for a subscription.

‘Previously, each click from a user would be treated as free,’ Josh Cohen, Google's senior business product manager, said. ‘Now, we've updated the programme so that publishers can limit users to no more than five pages per day without registering or subscribing.’

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