Big Brother racist bully row erupts in India

The press worldwide is today focusing on the Big Brother racism claims that have erupted over the past few days, centred among exchanges between celebrity BB housemate Jade Goody and Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty.

Big Brother effigies have been burnt in India and in Britain 22,000 complaints have been registered so far to Ofcom. Channel 4's initially unsuccessful programme has now clocked up the accolade of "most complained about in the history of the broadcasting watchdog".

Shilpa Shetty is set to take on Jade Goody in tomorrow's public eviction vote, which no doubt will attract more viewers to the show, whose viewing figures have surged by 1 million average daily users. Not bad going.

If you want to follow the blogsphere on Technorati. There are several sites you can also add to your Excite MIX to keep track of developments. Check out the Times Online's offering at the link below. At the time of writing, Channel 4's Big Brother RSS feed was not working (perhaps due to surge of users) but keep trying your luck, link also below. Digital Spy is also worth a visit, and boasts a very comprehensive update on the now politically overheating CBB.

WebTwitcher is sure Gordon Brown, currently in India, will be delighted when he hears Jade's latest musings that she'd like to "head butt" Shilpa. Chin up Gordon, A politician's life's not meant to be plain sailing. Out of control inflation one day, out of control Bermondsey Big Mouth the next.


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