Biff, crunch, etc

Street Fighter 4 is one of the most enjoyable games there for this generation’s consoles. As a fighting title, it delivers as much pure gameplay as the old arcade and SNES versions, and is a blast online, despite the fact that the menu screens are ugly as sin and the music and sound effects that accompany them are an insult to the ear drums. The less said about the bizarre pre-fight slogans from the disembodied commentator the better, frankly.

Despite mastering the art of 2D video game combat, Capcom are preparing Super Street Fighter 4 for release, which will include nine new characters and presumably a load of new moves too. Thankfully, given the lack of exciting information, we have a nice shiny new trailer for you all, which for the first time gives us some in-game footage rather than the CG nonsense they fed us with before.

So what do we have? A very amusing boxer called Dudley, who looks like a tanned colonial British officer and has a cracking ‘tache, a humungous brute called T-Hawk, who makes Zangief look like Chun-Li, and some other uninteresting looking facsimiles of existing characters. Check it out ya’ll.

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