Bieber is the Twitter King

Ashton Kutcher may have been the first to a million followers. Lady Gaga may have the most now (six and a half million!). But it's Justin Bieber, says a source at Twitter, who occupies the most traffic on the global chatter site.

Blogger Dustin Curtis tweeted a few days ago that Bieber 'uses 3%' of the company's infrastructure. 'Racks of servers are dedicated to him.'

Curtis told social media blog Mashable his source was 'someone who would know such things.'

That's right: about one-26th of all traffic on the world's second-biggest social network is by, about or 'retweeting' the words of a 14-yr-old pop star. Apparently it's the replies that really do the servers in - every time he tweets the poplet received roughly 60 replies every second.

We reckon Twitter will breathe a sigh of relief in a couple of years when he gets spotty and loses all his fans...

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