Better sleep in sticker form

We love our gadgets, right? Let no man say otherwise. But they do have their disadvantages - and top of the list is the endless array of constantly glowing LED lights.

We can't sleep from the glow from our hi-fi, PC, consoles and even four-plugs. Downstairs there's a load more. It's wasteful, it keeps us awake, and it makes us feel like we're living in the real-world scenes of the Matrix instead of a nice flat in Finsbury Park.

But help is at hand. No, there's no magic way to turn the damn things off - but there is a way of covering them up. They're called LightDims and they're pretty nifty. The little stickers come in a range of sizes, and can be easily applied to cover up any offending glowing LED light. Even better, you don't have to block it out completely - they do an '80%' solution, called 'Original Strength', that blocks out most of the light, but leaves a dull glow to tell you whether your gadget is on or off.

LightDims are just $6 a pack with $1 worldwide shipping.

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