Live a better life with a free online game!

It's true, sometimes life can suck a bit. The weather can be off, your boss can be a little crabby, and worst of all, whenever you really feel like double jumping while firing lightning from your fingers into a horde of monster zombies, there's never a even one single monster zombie to be found! It's time to start living a better life, through a free online game.

If you're getting serious about improving your life through technology, the first stop should be the Team Fortress 2 portal (teamfortress.com). It's amazing how much life sucks less when you have a minigun and infinite ammo! But seriously, Team Fortress 2 has won so many awards and plaundits in the four years since it's been release that the developers probably have less of a trophy cabinet and more of a trophy warehouse. A multiplayer shooter based around cartoony visuals, strong characters, comedy and pitch perfect gameplay, this behemoth of the gaming world has consistently topped the lists of one of the greatest muliplayer shooters ever made.

Previously a full priced game, It was recently announced that Team Fortress 2 would become a free game, and would draw its revenue instead from in-game sales of premium cosmetic items, such a wearable hats and unique character gestures, but keen not to alienate fans of the series, the developers mad it clear that they would not be going down the route of giving player in-game advantages in exchange for cash. So there's now no excuse to not to live a better life through this free online game.


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