Better Berry's

Well, it seems like after a wobbly year Research in Motion - the Canadian company famous for the BlackBerry - are really getting their act together. First they announced their new PlayBook tablet would be able to play Android apps, rendering it about 300% more useful. Now they've promised a 'major update' to the operating system running on BlackBerry smartphones.

Last year BlackBerry showed off not one but two new OSs - QNX, the brand-new software for the PlayBook, and BlackBerry OS 6 for phones. But while QNX wowed critics, BlackBerry OS 6 - and the hardware in launched on, the touchscreen BlackBerry Torch - were deemed a bit of a disappointment. Since then RIM have shown off new, more powerful handsets, and now it seems they're tackling the software issue too.

RIM say that BlackBerry OS 6.1, expected to be a mere bug fix, is now set to be a 'major update.' They even used the word 'overhaul'. We don't know any details yet, but it sounds like some of the flaws in BBOS' user interface will be improved to match up to the standard set by Apple and Android.

We'll know the details in May when BBOS 6.1 is shown off at the BlackBerry World conference.

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