The online casino games with the best odds of success

Luck is only part of the reason players win when they play online. Skill and experience are also needed to win any casino game but you should also choose the right games to play. Some games have better odds of success than others. Some of these games aren’t as challenging or fulfilling as games like poker but ultimately the point is to win money, so which games offer the best chance of success to the average punter?


We’re going to start with Blackjack for one reason – it has the lowest house edge in a casino. That means that the casino expects to earn less per bet from this game than any other they offer, which means the punter has more chance of winning. It’s a simple game too so novices and experts alike aren’t challenged by the rules. All you’re looking for is a number higher than the dealer but less than 21. With experience, most players can find success at Blackjack.


Roulette is another classic casino game that’s easy to pick up and offers good odd. If you bet on just Blacks or Reds, you have a close to 50/50 chance of winning. With this game, you double your money if it lands on your colour. When you’re feeling lucky, put your cash on one number and see if it comes up. That will make your money multiply by 36 but there’s way less chance of success.


This dice game is another that offers great odds as the chances of winning are also close to 50/50. This game can be a little intimidating for beginners but it’s not hard to learn because all you’re doing is betting on the roll of a dice.

Online slots machines

These are great for players that don’t want to socialise with other gamers. They’re also great for those who are a little indecisive because you just spin and win (if you’re lucky). The odds of success aren’t as good as they are with other games, and it’s nearly impossible to win big on the long-run but slots aren’t fixed as some believe. Don’t believe what some say about there being a “payoff cycle” as every spin is independent of the last. The result of each spin is created by a random number generator.


This card game has a relatively low house edge so it’s another we’d recommend. This leisurely game might not suit all players but if you can get on a winning streak, it’s very addictive. As with Blackjack, you’re aiming at a certain number, in this case, 9, but that’s where the similarities start and end. There are a few rules to master but that shouldn’t put off new players looking to win big online.

Where to play?

Choosing which website to play on is as important as choosing the right game for you. There are loads of reputable sites out there that you will have heard of thanks for massive TV and print ad campaigns. The bonuses and free spins on offer differ from site to site and they change over time so don’t rely on the recommendation of a mate. Research it properly.

Whether you head to sites like Mr Green, Sky Casino or use a website like luckystreet.com that works a bit like a comparison site, make sure you’re feeling lucky. You’ll need a bit of that to get yourself started.

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