We search for the best value broadband in Ireland

If you've been living in Ireland for any amount of time then you'll probably be familiar with just how poor the country's broadband infrastructure can be. While things are fine for those of us living in the major metropolitan areas such as Dublin, Galway, Limerick or Cork, things get much worse the further away from cities you get.

Despite the fact that we're now well into 2011, there are a surprising number of areas throughout the country that are still unable to get wired broadband connections. In this day and age that simple isn't acceptable, but thanks to a number of fluffed government initiatives that wasted millions of Euros of taxpayers' money, it's unlike that we're going to see the problem rectified any time soon.

However for those of us who do live in reasonably well serviced areas there are some great deals to be had on top quality broadband services. Vodafone have some excellent broadband packages available, starting at just €40 per month for 40GB bandwidth and up to 8MB download speed. On top of this you'll also get a free wireless modem valued at €79.99.

However, for many people a 40GB bandwidth cap simply isn't enough. With many countries around the world now offering completely unmetered broadband, it smacks of the backwards mentality of the Irish service providers that we are forced to pay through the teeth for top quality broadband services.

The very best deal that we could find from any provider, representing the best value broadband in Ireland, comes from Magnet. For just €49.99 per month you'll get unlimited bandwidth on an 8MB line, as well as free off peek landline calls and 200 minutes of international phone calls thrown in for good measure. For more information you can check out magnet.ie today.

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