Best tablets for toddlers

If you’re thinking about buying a tablet for your children, you’ll need one that’s robust, a device that offers all the safeguards parents want from internet ready devices and most of all, one that your child will want to use. You might be surprised to read that the best tablets for toddlers and younger children aren’t those made especially for their age range.
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Amazon Fire for Kids

The Amazon Fire for Kids is a device that will appeal to children of all ages so there’s no chance that your child will grow out of it before you get your money’s worth. Unfortunately users in the UK can’t get their hands on the subscription-based Free Time service that allows parents to monitor their child’s use but Fire for Kids automatically blocks access to the Silk Browser and Kindle content stores, it disables location-based services and in-app purchases. Parent control passwords are needed when Fire for Kids settings are accessed or when wireless connectivity is enabled or disabled.

iPad Mini

Your next best options is the iPad Mini. This is possibly the best budget tablet on the market and it’s one that parents will enjoy once their children have gone to bed. Parental controls, including the Single-App mode which only allows your child access to one app on the device, make sure that parents can store data on the iPad without fearing that their precious photos and documents could be deleted by misguided small people.


We’re ending this review with a tablet that’s designed for use by children in case that’s exactly what you’re looking for. If it is, look no further than the LeapFrog. This is a device that educators and parents agree is one of the best on the market. With a 7-inch display which is protected by a durable screen cover and a price that’s comparable to the Amazon Kindle, this is a device that will suit the smallest and clumsiest of kids.

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