The three best tablet computers for 2013

Which was the best tablet for 2013? There were many notable tablet computers launched in 2013, ranging from the Tesco Hudl to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 and the Apple iPad Air. You would be forgiven if you lost track of all of the tablets released in the year. If you are looking to buy a leading tablet yet, these three tablets are definitely worth checking out for their price, design and performance offering.

1. iPad Air

The iPad Air is Apple Inc.’s fifth generation iPad that is stellar in more ways than one. It features an impressive 9.7 inch Retina Display, powerful 64-bit A7 chip and a heap of muscle mass. Critics scoffed when Apple launched the first generation of iPad devices, but it now appears the Cupertino firm has finally nailed the formula.

With an impressive sleek and slim design coupled with light chassis, the iPad Air is remarkably beautiful. It packs Apple's powerful A7 and M7 chips under the hood, which gives it more than enough power to chew through even the toughest tasks in no time. The iPad Air is not just the best tablet for 2013, but also arguable the perfect tablet going into 2014.

Price: Wi-Fi: £399 (16GB), £479 (32GB), £559 (64GB) and £639 (128GB). Cellular: £499 (16GB), £579 (32GB), £659 (64GB) and £739 (128GB)

2. Nexus 7 (2013)

Another pace-leading tablet launched in 2013 is Google's second-gen Nexus 7. The Nexus 7 boasts the highest screen resolution yet seen on a tablet. Your guess as to whether this is enough to beat the iPad Air is as good as ours. However, the Google Nexus 7 (2013) does not come cheap.

The tablet is more expensive than its predecessors and sees a small change in design. It does feature an exceptional display and added rear camera, which seems to justify the price. One drawback, though, is that the Nexus 7 (2013) lacks a microSD card slot. Still, it remains the leading 7 inch tablet for 2013.

Price: £199 (32 GB)/£239 (1 32GB)


3. Apple iPad Mini 2 with Retina

Apple takes two of the top three spots in our best tablet for 2013 round up! Well, you can either love or hate that decision, but you cannot deny Apple has some of the best tablets in the market going into 2014.

The iPad Air Mini 2 with Retina comes just behind the iPad Air because it has a smaller screen. While smaller, the iPad Mini 2 is a premium small tablet. It holds its own among the best tablets in the world sized 7.9 inches.

Price: Wi-Fi: £269 (16GB), £349 (32GB), £429 (64GB)

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