The best smartphone handsets of 2013

Smartphones got even bigger in 2013. Almost everyone had a mini-computer in their pocket. The sheer number of smartphones available in the market at varying budgets made sure there was something for everyone. But, which where the best smartphone models of 2013? Here's our pick of the three best smartphone in the UK, going into 2014.

1. LG G2

Opening our list of best smartphones launched in 2013 is the LG G2. The LG G2 trumped the completion in 2013 with a combination of high-end feature (not yet seen on competing flagship devices) and value for money.

The phone features specs that would blow any gadget enthusiast away, including a thin, sleek design and handy software features like fingerprint technology.

Apart from the lack of a microSD card slot, there is really very little else to dislike about this handset. The 5.2-inch G2 is arguably the best smartphone of 2013.

Price: £399 inc VAT (PAYG)

2. iPhone 5S

Apple did it big again in 2013 with the release of the iPhone 5s, which is an upgrade to the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 is a great phone in itself and it’s difficult to see why you would want to part with it.

That said, if you want to retain the same iPhone 5 look and feel but on a considerably faster handset; and, also want to take significantly better photos and videos in low light, then you might want to upgrade to the 5S.

The 5S boasts a bigger screen, lighter weight, fingerprint scanner and serious performance gains. This is one of the most future-proof handsets you can get that won’t disappoint.

Price: 16GB £549 inc VAT; 32GB £629 inc VAT; 64GB £709 inc VAT

3. Google Nexus 5

Closing our list of three best smartphone handsets of 2013 is the Google Nexus 5. The device was the combined effort of Google and LG to produce a desirable phone at an outrageously low price.

We can affirm that the two mega tech companies have done a fantastic job of what they set out to do. The Nexus 5 provides top tier features and the best value for money going into 2014.

Price: £299 inc VAT

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