Best SIM free phone under £100 in the UK

If you’re willing to commit yourself to a contract that will last at least 2 years, you’ll be able to get the latest smartphone for free. If not, you’ll need to fork out some cash for your phone. We’ve taken a look at the best SIM free phone for under £100 so you’ll know which ones are worth considering.

Nokia Lumia 530

This is a handset that will please most users. There’s a 4 inch display with 480 x 854 screen resolution. You’ll be getting a Windows operating system which will be familiar to most people who use PCs and you can count on battery life or around 10 hours. A 5 MP camera and a 480 p video make this a fun phone to use. Bluetooth connectivity and GPS navigation make this a great tool.

Samsung S5830i Galaxy Ace

The Samsung S5830i Galaxy Ace is a great phone that’s yours for less than £100. You get a sophisticated yet minimal design with this handset and loads of fun thanks to access to over 100,000 apps that are available through Android Market. This is a great phone for social media users and it’s also a reliable handset that’s quick and easy to use thanks to intelligent texting by SWYPE.

Sony Xperia M

This is a SIM free handset that offers a lot. You get a 4 inch display and 480 x 854 screen resolution with this one which is identical to the Nokia Lumia 530. It runs Android and you’ll find decent battery life as it’ll last 9 hours. As with the Nokia, you get 5 MP camera and a 480 p video capabilities. GPS and Bluetooth are also included with this handset.

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