Best programming languages 2013

Computer science students invariably have a target to aim at - their ideal job that awaits after all that study. But whether you want to get into games design or financial accounting, choosing which programming technique to master is not easy. The best programming languages in 2013 had to cater for a variety of coding criteria.

The top programming languages

The best programming languages of 2013 can broadly be broken down into the following candidates (in no particular order).

C Language

This is one of the oldest computer programming languages still in common use today (originally developed in 1972). C was the ancestor of Java, C++, Perl and JavaScript. The properties of this language which remain topical are the fact it's powerful, stable and easily available between platforms.

In 2013 C remained a popular lesson choice in computer studies because grasping this makes it easier to pick up other languages.


The object-orientated world of Java is platform independent, so that its programs can run just as easily on Mac OS X, Linux or Windows platforms. This remains the key programming language for enterprise applications.


Developed in 1983, C++ is used to power desktop applications across the globe, including Adobe Photoshop, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chromium.


PHP is a server-side scripting language that is so universal, it is estimated to be the powerhouse behind over 200 million websites across the world. Foremost amongst these are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. First released in 1995, PHP is a relatively recent programming language.

Compared to Java it is relatively easy to pick up, and can easily be embedded in HTML. This had made it the top choice for the server-side scripts required to create dynamic web pages.

Which programming language was most popular in 2013

Attributing the best programming languages of 2013 is a matter that was as much down to the personal tastes of the students as job availability. One thing about the job market for programmers is that it is seldom stable. The popularity of scripting languages is liable to ebb and flow. Certain languages, like Java, will always be considered staples. But many programmers chose to diversify in 2013.

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