Where are the best priced laptops in the UK?

We've trawled the web and scoured the high street to find the best priced laptops in the UK. So what were the results?

  • Overall, laptops are cheaper online than they are on the high street. This may be obvious for seasoned shoppers, but other people are sceptical of purchasing high value goods over the internet. But remember that the savings you're making don't reflect lower quality goods - but rather the savings passed on from the online company from not having to pay retail overheads and salaries.
  • Some rock bottom prices are available on eBay, but be wary when buying electronics from here. While there are many genuine sellers, if you buy second hand you may receive a reduced or expired warranty. That cold leave you out of pocket if something where to go wrong.
  • Refurbished laptops are a fantastic choice if you're looking for the best priced laptops in the UK. These are available for dozens of reputable online dealers based in Britain. Refurb laptops carry a low risk, as they will have gone through thorough quality checks and product testing. They will often come with both the manufacturer's warranty and a warranty for the refurb work.
  • If you prefer to stick to the high street, don't overlook supermarket chains like Asda, Tesco and Sainsburys. All three are currently offering some very competitive rates for laptops in a range of price brackets. You can also order online from the supermarkets' respective websites. They won't be as cheap as a refurb, but many people prefer the peace of mind they get when buying from a retailer that they know and trust.

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