Best Online Price for Old Mobile Phones

The best price for old mobile phones vary depending on the model and make of the phone. Some sites will accept broken or damaged phones, providing all phone components (excluding chargers and leads) are still intact, but the price is considerably reduced for broken mobiles.

Never go to the first online retailer to sell your phone. You'll need to shop around to find the best price and may have to do some research into the buyer to ensure the company delivers on its promises. If you've got a broken phone make sure you check the company policy; they will often quote a price for you but send a considerably reduced amount upon receiving the phone. Check online reviewers from consumers who have used recycling sites to check they're authentic and offer great service.

You don't always have to create an account for each site to find the best price for old mobile phones. You can use instant quote sites to find quick price listings for your phone and compare them to each site, but don't forget to check the payment method for the phone, postage and any additional costs.

Even sites that pay the best price overall on average may not offer the best price for your particular model. It really is quite a maze out there when you're selling your phone, so the best way to actually get the best price is to look at each site individually.

Best Price Sites for Old Mobile Phones

Cashformyphone.com (Broken, new, competitive price - £50 average)

Envirophone.com (Broken, new, £40 - £50 on average)

SpeedSell.co.uk (Broken, new, £30 on average)

Fonebank.com (Broken, new, best price for broken phones)

Alternatively, you can use price comparison sites to find the best price for old mobile phones, such as sellmyphone.com who don't charge a fee for their service or ask you to register and compare hundreds of sites for you in seconds.


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