Best Price for Mobile Phone Recycling Online

If you have a broken mobile phone you won't be able to sell it second hand but may be able to sell it as recycling to a company who will use the parts for scrap. You'll get the best price for mobile phone recycling if your phone isn't too damaged and, in most cases, all components must be with the phone.

Companies use the phone and strip it of their components for scrap value or to sell on to metal/electronic companies. However, there's a fine line between "working" and "not working" with mobile phone recycling companies; if your phone is in perfect condition but won't switch on because the pin inside it slightly out of place, for example, you'll lose a lot of money on your model.

As usual more expensive phones will bring in a higher price, whether they're broken or not. This is because the latest phones have the best components inside to salvage. If you've got a very old mobile phone then you won't get a good price for it, or even any price at all; they'll agree to recycle it for you but won't pay you for the phone.

If you've got a broken phone with only a little bit of damage that can easily be repaired and aren't happy with the price offered by broken mobile phone recycle companies you can try selling the phone second hand on sites like Gumtree or Ebay, where you could get a better price.

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