How to Find the Best Price on Digital Photo Frames

When looking for the best price on digital photo frames, don’t just make a beeline for the lowest price you see. Best price means carefully weighing up cost, quality, functionality and purpose.


The price tags on digital photo frames can range from a cheap and cheerful £50 to an extravagantly expensive £250. The price you pay will depend on many things. What do you want to get out of your frame? Do you just want to display photos, or are you tempted by the many other features available? Where’s the frame going to be located? If it’s on the wall, maybe consider splashing out for a larger model that can show your photos off to the best of their advantage.


Digital photo frame quality varies greatly according to price. However, a clear display is a must because the principle employment of your frame will be to show off your images. Therefore, avoid the cheaper models with a resolution of less than 640 x 480. Also, it is worth investing in one of the better known brands which offer a good warranty. You might save some cash by buying a frame by an obscure manufacturer, but if it breaks in 5 minutes, it will be money down the drain.


Who is the frame for? Are they a tech freak who just has to have the latest in gadgets? Or, is it a present for Granny, who’s always complaining she doesn’t get to see you enough. True, you can splurge on a frame with all manner of functions, including WiFi connectivity, HD video capability and stereo surround speakers, but if they aren’t going to be utilised, is it money well spent?

Without a doubt, a digital photo frame is a handy thing to own, and the ideal present for almost anyone. But before you rush out and grab one, weigh up the points mentioned above to get the best price on digital photo frames.

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