Best platform to start a blog

If you’re thinking about becoming a blogger, don’t make the mistake that a lot of people make by starting several blogs. Make sure you find the right platform for you and then begin to build your web presence. If you don’t do this, Google will show a confused list of posts from you which will only harm your chances of being read. The best platform to start a blog is the one that works well for your needs so we’ve taken a look at the top few sites.
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You’ve probably heard of WordPress before and that’s for good reason. This is a great platform for first timers and it’s also one of the world’s most popular ones. There are two blogging platforms on offer: WordPress.com and WordPress.org. The difference between the two is that the WordPress.com sites are hosted on the company’s server while WordPress.org sites are hosted on an external servers. This platform’s free to use but there are costs attached to upgrades that you might feel are essential as you become more involved with your blog.


This is another free platform that’s worth looking into. This site’s easy to use and it integrates with Google Apps well but it’s not for beginners because you need to understand HTML to a degree. The platform has widgets available but you still need to have a degree of experience before using this site.


Tumblr is a platform worth considering. It’s really easy to use and it’s set up for new comers. There are loads of customisable options, and as it’s owned by Yahoo you’re encouraged to become part of their community which can only be a good thing for newbies.

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