5 best phone cameras

Don't you just love it when you can snap great pictures with your phone? Having one of the best phone cameras out there is convenient and nifty. Point, snap, send your pictures to your desktop, post on your favourite social network or simply keep them in your phone. It's all about convenience and functionality without sacrificing the quality of your photos.

Top choices

1. HTC Desire S - With its recent price cuts, this is a respectable smart phone that has a good call quality and social networking applications. When it comes to its built-in camera, picture quality is above decent at 5 mega pixels.

2. HTC Sensation - A joy to use, it has an 8MP colour camera with auto focus and dual flash making it one of the best phone cameras around. Multimedia at its best, it records videos in HD. Its battery life (500 minutes talk time) is tops even when using heavy applications.

3. iPhone 4S - With an 8MP camera, the iPhone is one of the best phone cameras around. Plus, you'll be blown away by all its sleek features and functions - it's certainly fast with its dual-core chip. Siri voice recognition is one of its major draws along with its amazing iOs and iCloud. The latter allows you to host files on your phone and transfer them wireless to designated devices.

4. Sony Ericsson Arc S - Quality is what this phone spells from its 8MP camera (Exmor R Technology) and slick design to the 3D panorama 'mode' and its 1.4GHz processor. You'll love the way it fits in the pocket and its amazing performance.

5. Samsung Galaxy - Galaxy's phone camera at 8MP competes with the best out there and what makes this a great phone is that along with the superb quality of photos, it can also take videos in 1080p. Powered by dual-core processors, it is a very functional phone packed with all the features that you would need from its Super AMOLED plus screen to the crisp sound of its media player. From browsing on the internet and multimedia tasks to social networking and phone calling, the Samsung Galaxy works flawlessly.

The next stage

Considering all features and functions - although these are our personal favourites, the market is glutted with smart devices and great camera phones. Upgrades continue and future releases spell newer, sleeker, faster, and better mobile phones. Until then, these best phone cameras make it to the list of pretty cool and functional devices.

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