Best paid YouTubers in 2015

Amazingly we have YouTube to thank or blame for the arrival of Justin Bieber who used the site to show off his many talents. Where you love or hate him, he’s an example of the power YouTube can have and the influence it wields over the careers of the rich and famous. Thankfully the best paid YourTubers in 2015 are companies set up to entertain you through the site. We take a look at the best of them.
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BluCollection ToyCollectors

With annual earnings of $4.8 million and over 1.5 million subscribers, BluCollection are a major player on YouTube. The channel offers kid friendly videos for babies and toddlers and routinely gets 2,622,204,041 views.

DC Toy Collector

Their annual earnings amount to $5 million and they have 3.3 million subscribers to call on. Views amount to 4,560,266,446 for this channel that’s very similar to the one offered by BluCollection.


The channel offers some of the best sketches from comedy duo Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. They have 19,545,673 subscribers who combine to give the duo 3,959,654,811 views. They take a look at the web’s most awesome and funniest sites, lip-sync their own lyrics over songs and generally have fun.

YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon

These guys are YouTube mainstays who produce gaming content on the site. Their channel is fun because they don’t take themselves or their work too seriously but they produce 2,940,251,397 views from 7,232,198 subscribers so they’re brand of fun and games is popular with users. These guys pull in $6.7 million per annum from the site.


PewDiePie makes an annual income of $7 million from YouTube. That’s thanks to 33,528,405 subscribers and 7,400,126,842 views. The YouTube star is known for playing action and horror games, but people tune in to hear his comments on the latest video games.

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