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Twitter is one of the best reasons to have a smartphone. But if you're a user of multiple accounts or lists, the official Twitter app isn't so great. So what should you use instead?

One of the best desktop Twitter programs is TweetDeck, an app made by a company based here in London. But their iPhone and iPad apps have always been a little clunky.

Not any more. TweetDeck 2.0 for iPhone and iPad - and iPod Touch, if you're being finickity - has just been released, and it's a cracker.

Like all versions of TweetDeck, it lets you sort your Twitter life into 'columns' and swipe between them, with each column showing a list, account timeline, or something like your mentions. But the new app lets you create combined columns. Want to see all the mentions for your personal account combined with the 'friends' list of your professional account? Now you can!

More importantly, it's fast and stable - and free. We love it, so check out the video below and then hit up the app store and check out the real thing. Do your bit for pre-Royal Wedding patriotism!

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