Choose the best mobile phone service provider in the UK!

O2, Vodafone, T-Mobile Orange, 3.  So many options but which one of these networks qualifies as the best mobile phone service provider in the UK?  Each company has its strong points and we take a closer look at each networks coverage for you.

O2, previously names BT Cellnet, have a strong reputation and rightly so.  With over 99% call and text coverage in the UK as well as over 80% mobile broadband coverage O2 reaches the majority of the UK.  You can check the strength of O2's coverage in your area on o2.co.uk/coveragechecker.

Vodafone have been a big player in the market for many years now and were the first company in the UK to introduce text messaging back in 1996.  Their coverage is almost identical to O2's but like any network it varies from place to place.  To find out if Vodafone have you covered visit vodafone.co.uk.

T-Mobile and Orange merged back in 2009 and Everything Everywhere was born.  However, the company chose to keep the brands separate and both brands now benefit enormously from a pooling of resources.  You can check the coverage in your area at t-mobile.co.uk for T-Mobile and at orange.co.uk for Orange.

Three are more focused on 3G services than the 2G that is your bread and butter for making calls and sending texts.  They have partnered with many companies since arriving in the UK market in order to provide 2G to compliment their own 3G network.  3's coverage is definitely the most limited of all the major service providers and customers living in the countryside in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales might not have 3 as a feasible alternative.  To check your area then visit three.co.uk.

So to ensure that you are with the best mobile phone service provider in the UK check the reception in your area with each network.  If two or three networks are still vying for your custom you can then begin comparing price plans and handsets that suit your usage.

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