We search for answers on which is the best mobile phone provider in the UK

There's a lot more to being a successful mobile phone provider these days than there has been at any point in the past. Not only do companies need to provide reliable coverage, crystal clear call quality and the ability to handle millions of sent text messages every single day, but they also have the added headache of managing wireless data plans for their smarphone savvy customers.

While that might not sound like much to me and you, the truth is that it's a huge task and, despite what some would have you believe, a task that each and every one of the seven major mobile phone providers in the United Kingdom are doing extremely well. However, we have been asked on many occasions who we think is the best mobile phone provider in the UK and today we're going to try to give an answer.

Given the fact that there are countless variables when answering a question like this, we are going to focus on smartphones. Since the vast majority of new handsets sold these days are iPhones, BlackBerrys or Android based smartphones it makes the most sense to look at the criteria that allow you to make the most of these phones.

In particular, this means taking a look at the data usage plans. As many of you will already know, smartphones are relatively useless without data plans. Given the fact that most of the applications available for them require an internet connection, and web browsing and email play a big part in their capabilities it makes sense that a solid data plan be required in order to use the phone to its maximum capabilities.

For our money, the very best data plan on the market at the moment comes from T-Mobile who offer unlimited data use, plus 600 minutes of talk time to any network and 500 texts, all for £15.32 per month over the course of a 12 month contract. This should be more than enough for most users, meaning that you'll save a fortune on your traditional bill.

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