Choose the best mobile phone network in the UK!

Customers in the UK are spoiled for choice when it comes to mobile phone providers.  But what is the best mobile phone network in the UK.  There are a lot of options available for mobile phone users and you can choose between Vodafone, O2, Orange, 3 and T-Mobile.  Then there are the smaller players in the market such as Tesco, Virgin and Asda now offering service as well.

We begin with Vodafone.  Vodafone have become a truly global brand in the last decade and through heavy sponsorship deals their name is easily one of the most recognisable brands around.  Vodafone offer amazing coverage (99% 2G and over 80% 3G) and the widest range of handsets so for choice alone they will not be beaten.

O2 is the other giant in the market and they are owned by Telefonica.  O2 are very similar to Vodafone coverage wise and they also have a large selection of handsets to choose from.  O2's ace in the hole comes in the form of concert tickets and shows and customers benefit from a number discounts on exclusive events.

Orange and T-Mobile have struck up a partnership as far as network coverage is concerned and are their 3G coverage benefits enormously because of this and works out at about 93%.  3 have the best individual coverage and can reach approximately 92% of the UK's population.

Tesco utilise the O2 network so if O2 don't have a price plan you can afford then you should check out Tesco's plans.  The same goes for ASDA mobile as it uses the Vodafone network and Virgin utilise the T-Mobile network.  You can get the same coverage with these smaller companies but be warned, your choice of handsets will be more limited.

The easiest way for you to see which is the best mobile phone network in the UK for you is to get a free SIM card from each company and test them out in your area.  Most companies offer free SIM cards and putting each network through its paces means that you will be choosing a network that meets your needs.

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