Best Minecraft Servers

Who offers the best Minecraft servers? That’s not easy to answer as there are loads of Minecraft servers you can choose from. We’ll offer some guidance to those that are worth a look and also suggest some sites that’ll give you continuously updated lists of servers.

Worth a look

Mineplex calls itself the largest Minecraft Server in the world. There are 18 unique games on offer through them and they pride themselves on a helpful community backed up by large staff numbers. Lichcraft is one of the longest running Minecraft communities on the web so there’s bound to be a lot of helpful hints and tips found on their message boards. With 38 thousand members, this is a site worth getting involved with. Minetime is another site worth looking at. They offer custom game types along with the whole gamut of server types include Survival and Factions. Skyblock Central has recently combined three servers to offer gamers the best gaming experience on the web. They boast about their great staff and a helpful community so this is somewhere to head if you’re a newcomer to the game.

Other worthwhile servers

ArkhamNetwork calls itself the fun Minecraft server network. Thanks to custom plugins and exciting new game modes, this server offers a unique experience. DestinyMC also offers the same things that ArkhamNetwork do so it’s another one for those looking for something new from this game. If you’re into Factions gaming, ChaosPVP offers a fresh and enjoyable experience. They even have auctions and a lottery to make the experience a little different from the rest. ObsidianPrison has Factions, PlotMe 400 slots, Parkours, Pvp arenas, Drop parties and more.

Still looking?

If you’re still looking for a Minecraft server, check out minecraft-server-list.com or topg.org/Minecraft for other servers.

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