Best iPhone app?

Apple just keep on ramming them down our gleeful necks.... There is now a download app store full of apps available for eager iPhone and iPod Touch users to get their mitts on. But how many of these apps are utter utter dog poo? Yes, lots are intuitive and make the most of the iPhone functions (see Runkeeper, Tom Tom or Tunein Radio for more), but jazzing up a normal webpage so it looks pretty on the iPhone is not necessarily a good app. You can already see that content nicely enough in Safari; just set a bookmark and BOOM, there’s your 59p app for free.

Considering the size of the iPhone, the ease of surfing the web through Safari is pretty damn fine, but if there is one nuisance it’s that it can feel sluggish when flicking through a few sites. Enter Opera Mini. There has been lots of hoo haa about this 3rd party web browser and whether or not the Apple chiefs would let it through the app store. But as of yesterday (12th April) it was made available in the UK and for free.

What‘s so special about Mini Opera? In short it’s five times faster than Safari and you can multitask webpages as if you were using a desktop. Go GET IT.

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