Best in show at CES

We’ve held ourselves back from writing about the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show so far – we were just afraid we’d go into gadget overload and never write about anything else again. But now CES is finished, a few thousand more people are struggling around Las Vegas with bags full of freebies that they don’t really need or want, and like Julie Andrews, CNET has announced a few of its favourite things.

One theme was environmentally conscious gadgets like Philips’ Eco TV, a 42-inch flat screen packed with power-saving features, which won Best in Show. We’re still trying to get our heads round how any 42-inch TV can be sold as a green option, but more power to Philips if they’ve managed it. (Or less power, actually…)

Wireless things and musical things were the other big winners – get the full list from CNET to have a proper gadgety drool…

(Image: from Listen Missy!’s flickr stream)

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