The top three best over-ear headphones 2013

If you thought Beats by Dre headphones were the only best headphones in base, then you need to check your facts again. There is an increasing range of ultra-cool headphones in the market that offer superb sound of any type. Check out these three other best over-ear headphones that are not only best for stylish design, but also for superior audio experience at-home and on the go.

1. The Sony MDR XB 910s

Talk of headphones custom built for all dance and pop music and you won’t go wrong with Sony’s MDR XB 910s. The MDR XB 910s offer a punch and soundstage that can easily be equated to the sound out of an Ibiza premier club at 1 am – of course without the stilts and dry ice.

The MDR XB 910s are large and chunky, featuring a tough, flat cable that makes them ideal for your listening pleasure at home and also on the go. These Sony over-ear headphones will offer you more audio excitement than you likely will be able to take at high volume.

Price tag: £149

2. The AKG K619

Next on our list of best over-ear headphones is the AKG K619, which is one of the most rugged, lightweight and durable top headphones in its category. The AKG K619 comes with a sleek but simple Lycra style slipcase along with a much coveted, unabated DJ look and feel.

You will blast away ‘SaveThe World’ by Swedish House Mafia at high volume without any sound leakage. For, heavily produced pop music like Taylor Swift’s ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,’ you may hear the sound is a little weak and thin. But, when it comes to dance and rock music the AKG K619 headphones are incredibly impressive at their price.

Price tag: £99

3. Sennheiser Momentum

Closing our list of best over-ear headphones is the Sennheiser Momentum. The Sennheiser looks very similar to a pair of hi-fiheadphones. It has a distinct “mature” feel to it with leather details on the headband. The headphones' sound is balanced with vocals concentrated at a middle point to create a sort of soundstage that gives hugely impressive sound details.

With the headphones, you will feel like you are listening to music at a live concert instead of a muddy mix of drums and feedback. The only obvious downside with the headphones is that the Sennheiser Momentum aren’t sturdy, although they do come with a two year warranty.

Price tag: £259

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