The Best Headphones for Running

Runners benefit hugely from having some tunes playing in their ear while out and about and it is important to own high quality headphones to get the most out of your runs. We are going to run through a few of the best headphones and earphones for running to help you decide on your next purchase.

Technology Designed Specifically for Running

There are many variables when it comes to the best headphones for running so we have done our best to cater to a variety or runners needs. Most of our top choices are in-ear earphones rather than headphones as the technology is more advanced at the moment with this type over headphones for running.

We begin with the Yurbuds Duro Run which retail for about £45. These earphones are designed to fit your ears in a comfortable and secure manner. The TwistLock technology ensures a tight and snug fit so that they stay in place during a run. They also have moisture management technology and are anti-bacterial, both very important when working up a sweat.

Philips SHQ4200 ActionFit Neckband headphones, retailing at £39 on www.amazon.co.uk, offer a different approach to secure fitting earphones as you run. The ear buds are connected to a washable headband that is flexible and light which provides the pressure to keep them in place during a run. The Bass Thumping Stereo Sound is quite impressive too and will have you in a rhythm quite quickly.

For those of you only interested in behind-the-ear support then Powerbeats by Dr Dre is an option, although a much more expensive one at around £110. These earphones have hooks that keep the buds secure and they are sweat resistant. Powerbeats also include Sport Safe ambient noise awareness technology and handsfree speaker for calls.

Lets Off Road!

If you are looking for hardwearing headphones then the Pioneer SE-E721 might tick all the right boxes for you and it gets our vote for the best headphones for running. Costing approximately £40, Pioneer employs Skullfit ear clips that keep these headphones in place whatever the terrain.

The ear buds are adjustable so you decide how immersed in your music you want to be. These headphones were designed with extreme sport lovers in mind and their rugged looks are matched by top quality sound delivery that you would expect from a Pioneer product.

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