Find the best headphones for mp3 sound quality

Surprisingly a lot of people are listening to music on their mp3 players that has a worse sound quality than those antique Sony Walkman cassette players from the 1980s. If you want to listen to high quality mp3 music, you'll need a player with a wide frequency response and the best headphones.

The best 'phones for you

Urbanears Medis (urbanears.com) are arguably the best headphones for comfort. The EarClick system secures the earphone at 2 separate points rather than one, relieving pressure while keeping it firmly in place. The sound is impressively dynamic, and these minimalist earphones look very stylish. The price is £45 with free UK delivery.

The Sennheiser CX 300 is a tried and tested option for iPods. They offer a vastly superior sound to the earbuds that are supplied by Apple. They come with 3 sizes of silicon ear tips to ensure the tight fit that results in proper bass reproduction. Shop around online and you can find these for under £30.

Another choice that won't break the bank, the SoundMagic PL30 in-ear sound-isolating headphones offer superb reproduction and a comfortable fit. Pick them up for just £21 at advancedmp3players.co.uk.

For serious audiophiles, the Ultimate Ears Triple.fi 10 Pro sound-isolating earphones offer impressively rich and detailed sound without any extraneous distractions. These are for those obsessives who want to hear the singer's beard rustling against the microphone and the guitarist's fingernails scratching the frets. The price is (gulp!) £214.96 from hifiheadphones.co.uk, but these are likely to be the best headphones you will ever buy.

Are your mp3s crystal clear?

Even if you invest in the best headphones, for the best sound quality you need to have mp3s with a high bitrate. This is the degree of digital detail that is retained when a song is ripped to computer. Many iTunes tracks have unimpressive bitrates. For superior reproduction try to listen to your music at 320kbs bitrate.

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