Best free word processor for iPad, laptops, PC and mac

Installing Microsoft’s word processor can be quite pricey especially if you have to start paying a monthly fee. But, there is also a free word processor software that you can use without costing you a dime. If you want to know what the best free word processor is, we outline alternatives that you can consider for your work or personal use.

Options you can choose

The best free word processor programmes are those which you can use without the complications. We outline a couple of them below.

  • WordPad

If it is just word processing you need, WordPad by Microsoft is still free to use. The only drawback is there are only two tabs, Home and View so you won’t get a lot of functionality. It will be able to format texts, but apart from this, you won’t be able to insert drawings, objects, pics as well as PowerPoint slides and Excel worksheets. Aside from this, for something that is free, WordPad is pretty useful and easy to use.

  • GoogleDocs

Another free word processor that you can use is GoogleDocs. It can handle basic functions such as alignment, bullet list, insertion of images and drawings. GoogleDocs is easy to use, but there is one major drawback – everything is done online so it is not wise to rely on your documents if you don't have constant connectivity.

  • OpenOffice and LibreOffice

Perhaps, the most popular and functional of them all is OpenOffice. First released in 2010, it is a pretty amazing word processor considering that it is for free. But, be aware that there are issues especially when it comes to importing files. When it works properly though, you can’t tell the difference between Microsoft Word and OpenOffice.

Free and functional

Hence, depending on what you need a word processor for, bear in mind there are several software that could suit your needs without paying a dime. This software can address basic document creation and styles. Not everything that is free is bad, so check out what is the best free word processor.

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