Best ereader for Android

There are quite a few choices in the marketplace nowadays so there's no telling what the best ereader for Android is without doing your homework. Thankfully we've got a selection of alternatives that are all worth checking out including Google Play Books, Aldiko, Moon+ and of course the Android version of Kindle.


Kindle remains the top ereader in the world. It's feature packed and it's one of the nicest ereaders to use, although the Android version lacks some features. But there are alternatives that should also be considered.

Google Play Books

This is an ereader that's completely free for Android devices so it can be used on your phone or tablet PC. That alone could make it the best ereader for Android, but it's feature packed too. You can customise the display options with ease to make the font size, brightness and line heights to your liking, and there is a wide selection of books to rent or buy.


The best features on Aldiko are those that help you organise your library. You can tag certain books or put them into collections so this is a great ereader for those with a massive library or perhaps someone who tends to read non-fiction reference books rather than novels and short stories.


There are also lots of customisation options on Moon+ but the best thing about this ereader is that it's compatible with a wide selection of formats. If you've got books in ePUB, mobi, umd, fb2, txt, html, chm, cbr, cbz, rar, OPDS or zip, you'll be able to read them with Moon+.

The verdict

So the market's full of ereaders that are worth your time and effort. There are so many quality ones that choosing the best ereader for Android is very difficult. If you're tech savvy, check them all out and choose for yourself. If not, why not try the Amazon Kindle as the chances are that you'll know someone with one who can assist if you need help with some of its features.

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