Best dating sites on the internet

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Nowadays there seems to be as many dating sites as there are gambling sites on the web. The internet always offers way too much choice so how do you filter down the sites worth checking out? That’s where we come in.

Dating sites

Working out the best of the conventional dating sites is difficult as the main reason why one person rates a site higher than other similar sites has to do with their experience. We’re not talking about their experience of the site, that’s easy to judge, but their experience of communicating with and dating people they met on the site. For this reason we can only give you an idea of which sites are the most popular right now.

Popular sites

Match.com is the one site that everyone heard of. That might be thanks to the fact that it’s one of the oldest ones on the web. Match.com has been getting people together for 20 years now and it continues to go strong. In the past few years a lot has changed in the online dating world and there are those who believe that Match.com hasn’t kept up with the march of progress.

Inner circle

Inner Circle calls itself the best way to meet “the most successful and attractive singles.” That’s a bit of a boast that’s hard to live up to but the site does have some safeguards in place that should help to guarantee a better class of user. This site links to your Facebook page so your social circle is exposed to other users. New users have to be approved if they’re not invited by existing members, which is a daunting process but a good one to guarantee a certain class of user.


Badults proves that dating sites have changed a lot over the years. This site’s for casual daters looking to hook up with like-minded singles. You search for contacts by age, interests, gender and location then drop them a line and have a little flirt. Who knows where it could end.

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