Best crowdfunding sites

Assuming that you’re aware of the major benefits of crowdfunding, such as the ability to tap into a collection of individuals looking to invest their funds in new ideas, the ability to develop loyalty within the community who invest with you and the amazing PR opportunities on offer through this form of business development, you’ll need to know where the best crowdfunding sites are.
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Crowdfunding sites

One of the best sites for those interested in developing their business ideas with crowdfunding is kickstarter.com. Along with indiegogo.com, Kickstarter is seen by the market as one of the best donation-based investment vehicles for new firms, and it’s not hard to see why. With these two sites the project’s creators retains 100% control over the venture but gets access to customers who will pre-pay for the product and other interested parties who donate funds without wanting anything in return.


Kickstarter launched in 2009 and since then it’s been one of the top players in this field. It’s help launch 46,000 successful campaigns thanks to its all-or-nothing funding policy and the site’s strict qualification process. If your project is a creative one that fits within the following categories, you stand a chance of being accepted.

  • Art,
  • Comics,
  • Dance,
  • Design,
  • Fashion,
  • Film,
  • Food,
  • Games,
  • Music,
  • Photography,
  • Publishing,
  • Technology,
  • Theatre
  • Indiegogo

Indiegogo has far looser acceptance regulations so you can basically crowdfund anything. An important trip, a charitable event or something personal can all be uploaded and left for the community to decide on. This site is great for anyone with an original idea that needs financial backing. You can choose “Fixed Funding” or “Flexible Funding” campaigns so this is a site that wraps around your needs.

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