Best free computer software on the market

We have all had the feeling, a blue screen, a flashing icon that stops flashing or the progress bar that simply doesn't progress anywhere. We all know what happens next, the crash.

What we may or may not know is what caused the crash in the first place and how to prevent it. Be they PC or Mac ALL computers are vulnerable to viruses and malware so we will aim to give you the basics to help you through the minefield of software out there and deliver the computer software on the market for you.

The first thing every user should have is an anti-virus program. I have both a Mac and PC at home and have anti-virus software installed on each of them. You must update them regularly and they will be running all the time in the back ground so its important to use one that is not to heavy on system resources.For my Mac I use Sophos Remove, a free anti-virus program that runs quietly in the back ground, never gives me a moments trouble but allows me to surf the net and browse emails with the confidence that nothing will harm my Mac.

On the PC I used to use AVG. It again is a free system that was very effective and removing threats and viruses. During my time using it it removed several threats and I would recommended it to anyone.....assuming Microsoft had not chosen to enter the field with what I think happens to be the best computer software on the market for fighting viruses.

Microsoft security essentials is a free program which is a dream to use. Runs very quietly in the back ground, auto updates and prevents and removes viruses and malware threats so effectively since moving over I have not had a virus or malware problem since. Its quite simply the best. Less resource intensive than AVG and more efficient. If I could use it on my Mac I would.

The only other program that I recommend using would be Malwarebytes Anti-Malware program which has a free version on its website. This program was very useful when fixing friends computers that had been attacked by malware and fake anti-virus software.Preinstalling these programs and regularly updating them is what makes an effective solution to malware and virus prevention.

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