Best classic games for iPhone

Playing old school games on your phone is great fun. Easy to play addictive games while away spare time and some of the best retro classics offer nostalgia as well as incredible gameplay. Arcade classics, early home video games and addictive puzzle games that never stop being fun are all out there for your phone. We take a look at the best classic games for iPhone and tell you where to look for them.
    Wikimedia commons - Alfred Hutter aka Gentry

Pacific Wings

This was called 1941 when you played it in the arcade but aside from the new name, nothing’s changed in the iPhone version of this classic fighter plane game. The same top on view is used and you’re still flying around collecting power-ups that increase your rate of fire.


Atari’s Breakout was an instant classic when it was released in the mid-1970s and it remains just as playable now. The iPhone version has better graphics and more colours than any other version and there are a few new game modes to explore.

Bubble shooter

This is another simple and memorable game that will only take a few moments to get back into. The aim of the game remains, so you’re firing arrows up the screen to burst bubbles before they reach the bottom of the screen.


This game seemed pretty advanced when it was first released in 1980 thanks to the 3D vector graphics. As with the original, you collect health points and power-ups as you control your tank across the limited but interesting terrain.


This is the game that anyone who ever owned a Nokia phone back in day played whenever there was time, and it remains just as addictive today. The look remains the same, so don’t expect any visual improvement on the black line that snakes across the screen in this infuriatingly addictive little game.

App store

Of course you’ll find these on the app store. The best thing about each of these games is that they’re all free of charge.

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