What are the best Christmas gadgets 2010 this year?

It's never too early to start planning for Christmas, and this is why it's well worth taking a look at what will be the best Christmas gadgets 2010. So lets shine up our Crystal Ball and pick out a few things we think are going to be huge with consumers this Christmas.

Nintendo 3DS - While it may be already on the market, Nintendo's follow up to the wildly successful DS has failed to capture the public's imagination just yet. This is thanks to a lack of killer games and questions over the battery life. While the battery problem remains, big games are on the way, with Zelda launching in June, Lylat Wars, a new Mario game, Mario Kart, and the new Professor Layton. One to watch.

The HTC Sensation - Smart phones just keep getting smarter, and the HTC Sensation is at the absolute cutting edge of this thanks to a dual core and the fact it's running an advanced version of the Android software. It launches shortly on all the main mobile networks, and works out considerably cheaper than the stupidly expensive iPhone 4.

Project Cafe - Nintendo's new home console is only a code name so far, but if it lives up to the initial hype, then it will be the ultimate "must have" this Christmas. Rumoured features include Blu-Ray compatibility, controllers with LCD Screens, High Def visials, and full backwards compatibility with the Nintendo Wii. It's going to dominate this Christmas.

So, there you have our predictions for the biggest gadgets this winter! Feel free to come back and point it out when we're inevitably wrong!

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