Best children eBooks recommendations for 2013

Finally, eBooks have at last come of age. There are so many wonderful ebooks to choose from in the market. If you would like to promote kids reading or help your own kids make friends with reading from an ebook reader, we have created this special best children ebooks selection just for you. Our fun children eBook recommendations feature some timeless classics to ensure kids have fun and are motivated no matter what their age is.

Ages 3-5 years

"Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons" by Eric Litwin

Book description:

Pete the Cat is wearing his favorite shirt—the one with the four totally groovy buttons. But when one falls off, does Pete cry? Goodness, no! He just keeps on singing his song—after all, what could be groovier than three groovy buttons? Count down with Pete in this rocking new story from the creators of the bestselling Pete the Cat books.

Our verdict:

One of the best children eBooks for 3-5 year olds. Delightfully bubbly with beautiful illustrations and groovy, sing-along songs by Pete the Cat.

Ages 6-8 years

"Magic Tree House" series by Mary Pope Osborne

Book description:

The brother-and-sister team of Jack and Annie discover a tree filled with magic books that send them on exciting travel adventures to places like Ancient Egypt, outer space and even back to the age of dinosaurs. Magic Tree House books are New York Times bestsellers that include books such as Afternoon on the Amazon, Midnight on the Moon and The Knight at Dawn. Parents and teachers worldwide hail the series for effectively promoting reading even among the most reluctant readers.

Our verdict:

A fun-filled, engrossing and educational series that will keep kids glued to its pages and guessing where the Magic Tree House takes Jack and Annie next.

Ages 9- 12 years

"The Box of Delights" by John Masefield

Book description:

Strange things begin to happen the minute young Kay Harker boards the train to go home for Christmas and finds himself under observation by two very shifty-looking characters. Arriving at his destination, the boy is immediately accosted by a bright-eyed old man with a mysterious message:

“The wolves are running.”

Soon danger is everywhere, as a gang of criminals headed by the notorious wizard Abner Brown and his witch wife Sylvia Daisy Pouncer gets to work. What does Abner Brown want? The magic box that the old man has entrusted to Kay, which allows him to travel freely not only in space but in time, too.

Our verdict:

At once a spellbinding thriller; classic fantasy adventure. The book will delight youngsters with captivating winter adventures and magical Christmas tales.


"Dork Diaries" series by Rachel Renée Russell

Book description:

The Dork Diaries book series follows the not-so-fabulous life of Nikki Maxwell as she chronicles her experiences about school, family, friendships, popularity, fascinations, crushes, battles and more. Her authentic, genuine voice and perspective has made Dork Diaries one of the most popular teen books in, particularly among teen girls.

Our verdict:

Purely spunky, dorktastic teen fun! A truly worthy New York Times, Publishers Weekly and USA TODAY bestseller.

There you have it – best children eBooks recommendations for 2013.

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