Best cell phones for elderly and senior citizens

If you’re thinking of buying a phone for your parents or for anyone over a certain age, you’ll be more interested in the size of the display, the ease of use and how well it amplifies the caller’s voice. We’ve had a look at the best cell phones for elderly and senior citizens to give you an idea of which ones are worth considering.


You might not consider a modern touchscreen phone to be the most usable one for elder citizens but touching the icon you want to use rather than navigating to it is actually far easier for those with little or no phone experience. You’ll need a phone with large and clear icons which makes the T517 Doro Liberto 820 one of the best ones on the market right now. Expect to pay something like £250 for the handset.

Easy phone

The T510 Doro PhoneEasy 508 is a smartphone with buttons. As you can see from our lead image it's designed to resemble the sort of cordless phone everyone’s used at some point in their lives so if won’t phase those of us who only need the phone in case of emergencies. A decent range of features mean that this phone will have some longevity too.

Android device

If you’d like to buy your old folks something that uses the Android operating system, the T519 Amplicomms PowerTel M9000 is another touchscreen device that’ll do the job. This one’s hearing aid compatible and very intuitive. You’ll need around £150 to get your hands on this one.

Big buttons

Fuss free phones offer a range of phones that are designed for ease of use. If you pick something like the Dora 614, you’ll get a great screen with excellent contrast, as well as large buttons. This clamshell design is attractive and practical so it’ll stay in one piece whether it’s carried in a pocket or loose in a handbag. Head to fussfreephones.com for a look at their full range.

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