What is the best car stereo out there right now?

If you are wondering what is the best car stereo out there right now, then we are here to help you pick out a winning model. We have scoured the market to find five different models offering everything you could possibly want, at the lowest possible prices, so lets take a look at the choice!

Car stereo systems have advanced a long way from their humble beginnings as simple radio receivers. You can now pick one up that will play your movies, interface with your digital music library, and even act as GPS navigation systems if you get lost! As they have grown in sophistication, so has the price tag, so we have tried to find models that offer value as well as features.

First up we recommend the Pioneer AVIC-Z110BT, as it has everything you could ever need. Bluetooth compatibility, hands free, rear facing camera capability, iPod compatible streaming, full radio, and CD changer facilities.

Another fantastic model is the Alpine iDA-X305 which is perhaps the best model out there for people interested in MP3 music. It offers an easy to use interface with instant access to all of your music. It is a joy to use, and is available now for around £150.

The El Kameleon JVC EXAD KD-AVX77 media player compliments any car fantastically well, as it offers full touch screen control (as well as a remote control). It is MP3 compatible, and it also plays avi files.

A Car stereo we love is the old school Sony XPLOD CDX-GT920U (in-dash car stereo). It actually looks like an old fashioned car radio, but it has all the features you have come to expect including full MP3 support.

Finally, we suggest checking out the Eclipse AVN726E DVD/GPS receiver as it is the most complete offering on the market right now. It will play DVDs, it will play MP3, and it is a kitted out GPS Navigation system. We can't recommend it enough.


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