What is the best buy laptop under 400?

Looking for the best buy laptop choices for under 400 pounds? Here we round up three of our favourite mid-range laptops, all available for between £350 and £400.

Lenovo ThinkPad X100e, £399.50 - The Lenovo ThinkPad X100e's best selling point is probably the AMD Athlon Neo processor, which makes for a more powerful alternative to Intel's Atom. While the battery life is mediocre and the video output leaves a lot to be desired, the Lenovo remains a top choice for a business laptop - especially if portability is an issue. It comes with advanced OS and Windows 7 Professional.

Acer Aspire 5551-P32G32Mn, £399 - Acer built its reputation primarily in the budget laptop department - offering decent specced laptops at rock bottom prices. But with the Aspire 5551-P32G32Mn, they've taken a huge leap forward into the mid range laptop market. There's a dual core AMD processor, a good graphics card and a crystal clear screen.

Dell Inspiron M101z, £349 - At 4 lbs, this is an ultra light and ultra portable option, but it's powerful enough to be a stand in for your desktop computer. It has an impressive 320GB hard drive, a 4GB memory, a powerful AMD processor, a full width keyboard and a decent battery life. But, to be honest, our favourite thing about the Dell Inspiron M101z is the range of colours and designs it comes in!

So there you have it - three great and high specced laptops that come in for under 400 pounds. Good luck with your laptop hunting!


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