The best brands of Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers are not only convenient with their wireless functionality, they also enhance the performance of gadgets. These days, the sound quality from Bluetooth speakers has improved immensely which make these accessories good value purchases. We take a look at the best brands of Bluetooth speakers and see which ones are worth buying.

Brands to consider

If you're searching for the top brands of Bluetooth speakers, take a look at the following names:1. BoseBose is a top of the line brand that produces superior products from stereos and headsets to speakers and woofers. The Bose Soundlink Bluetooth Mobile Speaker is a pricey gadget and is in a class of its own. It delivers a powerful, distortion-free sound. Apart from its outstanding sound output, there is a built-in rechargeable battery and an aux input. There is also the flexibility to swap covers. 2. SonySony is another high-end brand that manufactures excellent wireless speakers. The SRS-BTX500 is a sleek device that produces an impressive sound packed in one tiny, portable device. The only con is the pricey cost. 3. JawboneNot to be forgotten on the list of best Bluetooth speakers is Jawbone. Its Big Jambox is not cheap, but you'll get an awesome sound and reasonable battery life. However, its portability can still be improved.

4. Logitech Logitech is known for producing excellent peripherals and accessories from VOIP phones and keyboards to mice and speakers. The UE Boombox boasts of 8 internal drivers speakers and a superb architectural design courtesy of Rams and Ives. Its produces a high quality of sound and is portable. 5. Philips Philips, the electronics and white goods giant has also a reasonably-priced wireless speaker in its 'Soundshooter'. Priced below £100, its grenade shape is definitely striking while the sound output is reasonable. It gets distorted though at higher bass, but for its price, delivers acceptable sound quality.

Other names

The list of the best brands of Bluetooth speakers does not end here. Other names to consider include Audysses, JBL, Jabra, Samsung and Geneva. Clearly, when it comes to deciding which Bluetooth speakers to buy, price has a lot to say in addition to sound quality, portability, battery life, and design.

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