What is the best Blu Ray player deal of 2011 so far?

With technology advancing unabated these past few years, it has now reached a stage where you should really be considering chucking out that old DVD player and replacing it with a brand new, high definition Blu Ray player that can really take advantage of your new HDTV.

While many people have put off purchasing a Blu Ray player in recent times due to the initial high price tag of the units, these past few years have seen a considerable drop in the cost required to get yourself hooked up for 1080p video in your home.

With great deals being offered by a large number of retailers, we have decided to conduct a search for the best Blu Ray player deal of 2011 so far and, let us tell you, the competition was certainly fierce.

Tesco have a number of great deals available on their site at direct.tesco.com, and that was our first port of call when searching for the best prices available. For just £84.97 you can get the excellent Panasonic DMP BD75 Blu Ray Player which features the latest DLNA technology, allowing you to stream files from your local network direct to your TV. This means that you can watch your favourite digital movies without needing to burn them to DVD, or copy them to a cumbersome USB flash drive, making it an ideal solution for movie buffs everywhere.

ASDA also have some great Blu Ray deals, including the £100 Toshiba BDX 1100 Blu Ray player, which features compatibility with a host of apps that you can access by connecting to your home network by Ethernet port. It's also got a handy SD card port, enabling you to share your digital photo collection whenever you have friends or family around.

However the winner of our best Blu Ray player deal of 2011 so far goes to Tesco, who offer the excellent Philips BDP2850 for just £74.97. With a USB connection for flash drives or external hard drives, you'll have instant access to your digital files, while also being able to upscale your existing DVD collection to HD resolutions thanks to the excellent built in upscaler. You certainly won't find a better deal than this anywhere right now.

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