We find the best bargain laptops of 2009

Despite the fact that we're always hearing about how quickly technology moves, that every few years the power is being doubled and other such complicated nonsense, the fact of the matter is that it would appear that budget to mid range laptops have hit something of a plateau in these past few years.

As netbooks started to become increasingly popular, laptop manufacturers began to notice that there was a huge section of their market who had absolutely no need for the latest technology, high end graphics cards or super fast processors, and instead just wanted to be able to browse the internet and stay in touch with their friends with the minimum of hassle, and for as low a price as possible.

While this has been great news on the surface, especially since low cost netbooks have become commonplace since they started to really gain a foothold around 2009, there has been a hidden downside to things - the technology being utilised in these computers has barely changed in the past two years.

While people are clearly content to make do with low cost and low powered processors with 1GB of RAM, there are a growing number of people out there who want something more for their money, while still staying on a budget. For those people, we recommend taking a look at some of the non-netbook machines from 2009; devices that offered cutting edge specs back then, but which have since been surpassed, because that is where the real bargains lie these days.

The Sony Vaio F Series is a prime example of this. Launched as a fairly high spec series of laptops, they have since been surpassed by today's models, and can be picked up relatively cheaply either brand new or pre-owned. With specs that far outdo even the most powerful netbooks, they can be picked up for bargain prices today, making them a fantastic option for anyone seeking a bigger screen, more ram and more processing power, and helping them take the crown of best bargain laptops of 2009 (for 2011).

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