Best AutoCAD free alternatives

Free is everyone’s favourite price but when programs are free their often limited. The limit is either in the amount of time users gets access to the program before they have to buy the package outright or users are given a shell program that’s designed to encourage them to spend out on the full package. We list the best AutoCAD free alternatives and evaluate which ones are worth a look so you won't have to go back to pencil and paper.
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AutoCAD student version

Getting AutoCAD for free might sound unrealistic but before we look at alternatives, you should be aware that you can get your hands on AutoCAD without spending a penny. The free, fully functional version of AutoCAD can be downloaded for use by students and military veterans. The only limitation of this software is a watermark put on any plots you create which shows that the file was created with a non-professional version.


This has to rate as one of the best free CAD packages ever made available. There are no limitation to the free version and you get one of the most user-friendly 3D design interfaces every created. Even those without 3D modelling experience can produce a great presentation within a few minutes of playing with the software.


There are no fees or usage limitations with Draftsight but all you get is a very basic 2D drafting program. You’ll still be able to produce professional plans but some of the other packages mentioned here are more affective when you’re modelling something a little more complicated than a new room layout.


Rhino is a 3D modelling software package that’s easy to use and produces very solid work. The only issue with this package is that users only get 25 file saves before it’s disabled. This is still a great way of learning about 3D modelling, but make sure you’re careful and only save when you really need to.

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