Best Apps for Fitness

It can be difficult to find motivation to get outside and be active. The weather may be too dreary, the couch may be too comfortable, or you may just be too busy. But if you really want to change your lifestyle, now is the time. Not tomorrow or next month, but now. Sometimes though self-motivation is just not enough. To help you out, here are some of the best apps for fitness to get you motivated and healthy.

Fitness Apps

With so many apps available, it is hard to find the best apps for fitness. Here are a few top ones to get you started though.


Similar to other workout apps, Argus includes a daily step and calorie counter, and tracks your cycling, driving, and running routes. Unfortunately whenever you use GPS, the phone battery dissipates quickly, so just be careful of that. Unlike other apps though, this tracks your water, coffee and tea intake along with your sleeping duration and weather. This does not count your calories nor does it give you nutritional tips. It requires iOS 7 or later.


For those that love running but need a bit of motivation and encouragement Runtastic app is a popular way to go. You can set personal goal and compare and share your workout sessions with your friends.

This free app tracks all of your outdoor and indoor activities, various routes you've taken, running history, speed, elevation, split table, and calories burned. There are also training plans that can be adapted to ift your goal. This is available for iPhone or Android.


This free app tracks distance, pace, and burned calories. What makes Pumatrac very unique though is that it tracks your personal behavior and how it may affect your performance.

Best Calorie Counter App

It factors in how much social media you intake and what your workout music selection is, and other workout tendencies you may have. It's goal is to optimize your activity by calculating all these various factors. This is available for iOS and Android

Keep Searching

This is a short list of some of the best apps for fitness. It covers just a few of the many apps available. Which app is best really depends on what your goals are, what area of fitness you want to work on, what you are willing or not willing to pay, and what type of information you want. There are always more being developed everyday, so if you don't find anything you fancy now, have another look later and see what free ones have been developed.

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